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Jeff Martin
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Springtime Is Clean Your Finances Time

Springtime is a great time to review your finances so you can work toward financial independence. While many are organizing their closets and cleaning out drawers and garages, instead, clean up your finances using these ten tips:

Leaving Your Employer? You Have Options For Your 401(k)

You may assume that you must rollover your 401(k) when leaving your employer into another retirement savings plan. However, depending on the 401(k) plan document and if a rollover is appropriate for your situation, it may be optional.

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The Social Security Trust Fund’s Problem

The Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) benefits, known as Social Security, pay retirement and survivors benefits through The Social Security Trust Fund.

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Five Signs That Indicate Interest Rates May Rise

In 2022 The Fed raised interest rates seven times, with the possibility of raising interest rates again in 2023 as they pursue cooling inflation. While a potential interest rate may occur or plateau, raising rates can take a toll on consumers.

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